The first American woman in history to medal in both
the Summer and Winter games

In July 2013, a nagging injury left me unable to finish, what was likely to be, my final track season. I returned to the states feeling dejected. But, a fortuitous conversation with Lolo Jones, a hurdler known for joining the bobsled ranks in the midst of her track career, changed my mood. After our conversation, my interest was piqued and with stage 1 of the trials looming, I decided to hop on a plane to Calgary and give bobsledding a try. With just one training session under my belt and a bum leg, I managed to finish 3rd in the Push Championships and my bobsled adventure began.

Just to give you a little background, women compete in a two person sleigh. There is a driver and brake woman. My job as a brake woman was to push the sled with such power and speed that the momentum created will give a great driver that extra “push” needed to guide our sleigh down the track with precision at speeds of over 90 miles per hour.

In December 2013, I embarked upon the World Cup Race Circuit and have been fortunate to win 2 silver and 1 gold medal in the four races that I’ve competed in, thanks in large part to my great drivers. On January 19, 2014 I was named to the USA Olympic Bobsled Team and I represented the United States with just six (6) total months of participation in the sport. I was excited to be paired with Elana Meyers in the BMW USA-1 sled and I am grateful and fortunate that we were able to slide our way to a Silver medal in Sochi, just 0.10 second from a Gold medal.

I cannot tell the future but I am extremely enthused about this journey and the opportunity to make the most of another chapter in the exciting story that is my life. The ladies I met while competing in bobsled, better known as “The Wolfpack”, are a part of my family now and I’m blessed to have met them and learned so much from them and this experience. Check out my blog as I will continue to keep you updated about the adventure from there.

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Lauryn earns her Master's of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.